No Kabelano Charity Cup as Barclays sponsorship ends

The organisers of the annual Kabelano Charity Cup say the event will not take place this year as the sponsor has not renewed the contract. The Kabelano Trust said the sponsorship by one leading bank has come to an end.kabelano logo

“The Kabelano Trust has received various enquiries from members of the public, the media and other stakeholders as to if and when the Kabelano Charity Spectator will take place this year,” said the trust.

“It will be noted that the three year sponsorship of the event by Barclays Bank of Botswana Limited came to an end last year. Barclays having advised the Trust that it does not intend to renew the sponsorship, the Trustees have been actively pursuing a new sponsor which has proved challenging given the current economic climate,” added the trust.

Kabelano Trust said the event was provisionally scheduled to take place at the Francistown Stadium on July 30, 2016. However, the trust said while discussions with potential sponsors are continuing, the trustees do not believe “any possible sponsorship will be finalised in time for the trust to make the necessary arrangements for the event to take place as planned”.

“It is for this reason that the trustees have taken a decision not to hold the event this year”. “The trustees can assure the many lovers of this event that they will not relent on their efforts to find suitable sponsors to ensure that the event takes place next year and in future.”