BIHL Trust Commemorates 50 Years Of Botswana’s heritage

BIHL Trust, on the back of celebrating 40 years of BIHL Group’s heritage, takes the spirit of celebration further in celebrating and commemorating 50 years of Botswana’s heritage, supporting a number of platforms in the arts and culture space ahead of Botswana’s 50th Independence. Galvanising shared passions of BIHL Group and subsidiaries Botswana Life, Bifm and Legal Guard, the Trust is supporting and championing a number of heritage focused platforms.

Most recent are the introduction of a “heritage trail” along Gaborone’s Independence Avenue, and the sponsorship and handover of prizes for artists at this year’s President’s Day Competitions platform.

BIHL Group CEO Catherine Lesetedi-Letegele awards prizes at President's Day
BIHL Group CEO Catherine Lesetedi-Letegele awards prizes at President’s Day

“The significance of such a historic year as this is simply incredible. As a business that has had its doors open to work with and support Batswana for 40 of the 50 years since we gained Independence, we are truly humbled, proud and passionate about the story of our country; of the people of Botswana and how we as a nation progressed with grace and promise,” BIHL Trust Administrator, Tebogo Keepetsoe said.

The heritage trail tells the journey of Botswana’s growth and development through key milestones illustrated for the traveller or commuter to enjoy. Progressing along the historic route passed the National Museum, the heritage trail is a journey through the years, using art and photography to share captured moments of a nation that rose from a humble beginning to a veritable success story on the African continent. The project is one championed by Ministry of Youth, Sport & Culture (MYSC), with BIHL Trust sponsoring bringing this to life.

Also in conjunction with the Ministry, the Trust sponsored prizes at the President’s Day Competitions. This built upon sponsorship of prizes at the official opening of the National ArtBasket & Craft Exhibition at the National Museum in July 2016. The competitions were held under the theme “Towards Artistic Excellence by 2016.”

BIHL Group CEO, Catherine Lesetedi-Letegele bestowed the awards in the following Visual Arts categories: Traditional Poetry, Leatherwork, Woodcarving, Beadwork, Lekgapho, and Basket Weaving. First place prizewinners were as follows: Best in Woodcarving – Mojuta Oagile, Best in Leatherwork – Omphile Mobita, Best in Traditional Wall and Floor Decoration (Lekgapho) – Kefilwe Rammoko, Best in Traditional Pottery – Mmamontshonyana Ditshekiso, and Best in Show (National Basket and Craft) – Kayena Moyevo.

“As BIHL Trust, and with the interests of BIHL Group and our subsidiaries, we are humbled to play a role in commemorating and celebrating this rich history and heritage. This is, more than ever before, a time of patriotism, celebration, festivity and, above all, heritage. We support the talent and the passion of Batswana and we share in the story of her success,” added Keepetsoe.