Leader Academy founder to engage Botswana corporate leadership

The Founder of Leader Academy, Domien Van Gool will undertake a working visit to Gaborone. Leader Academy is headquartered in Belgium and has a global reach providing leaders and teams in both the private and public sector with leadership capacity-building programmes.

Mmasekgoa Masire-Mwamba will host the forum
Mmasekgoa Masire-Mwamba will host the forum

A Corporate Leadership Breakfast on 17th October 2016 will be hosted in collaboration with The Masire-Mwamba Office (TMMO) Pty Ltd during his visit to provide corporate leaders with an opportunity to participate in a high-level exchange.

Domien Van Gool, A graduate in Communication Sciences, has earned his hands-on experience with industry leaders. His keen interest in making things happen, and in translating leadership concepts into pragmatic applications, led him into the field of Leadership Development and eventually into Leadership Consulting.

He has lectured throughout Europe, the USA, China as well as Africa. Together with his partners, he coordinates and constantly develops the Leader Academy, an intense leadership development process for executives.

In the last 20 years, the Leader Academy has developed executives and executive teams in both public as well as in company settings, from companies like Black & Decker, Ericsson, Raychem, Noord Natie, KPMG, GAK Holland, Partek Ergon, CHEP Benelux, ORACLE, SVIANED, ASZ , COMMIT Information Systems, DURACELL, MTN South Africa etc.

Van Gool will be joined by Thebe Ikalafeng of Brand Leadership Africa. Ikalafeng, a branding maestro, has entensive experience having worked with brands such as Nike and leading corporations on the continent, will provide insights about branding leaders, and how their brand can enhance performance and output for themselves and their organizations.