With 10 Awards from 12 Outings, Hotwire Dominates Creative Design Space!

Hotwire PRC retains its title as “Best Designer,” once again taking home the accolade in this category at the annual PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Best Published Corporate Report and Accounts Awards. In the 12 years the brand has entered into the awards, it has emerged victorious in this category 10 times, translating into a success rate of over 80% and therefore unmatched by others in its industry.

Hotwire PRC Managing Director, Mr. Kabelo Binns
Hotwire PRC Managing Director, Mr. Kabelo Binns

Held in Gaborone on Wednesday 16th November 2016, the evening brought together leading corporates for a night of recognising excellence. The Awards encourage Botswana’s business community to improve the standard of financial reporting through benchmarking and adoption of best practice.

Said Hotwire PRC Managing Director, Mr. Kabelo Binns, “We are truly humbled. This is yet another momentous milestone for all of us at Hotwire PRC, as we continue to set and grow the standard of design excellence in our market. Our first submission for these awards was 12 years ago. Since that initial entry, we are humbled to have been honoured 10 times by Botswana’s leading captains of industry. This is a truly incredible achievement for us as a local business that has the mettle to box with the very best of them and win.”

Head of Creative, Leungo Tumedi, and Head of Operations, Constance Rakwadi, with the winner's trophy
Head of Creative, Leungo Tumedi, and Head of Operations, Constance Rakwadi, with the winner’s trophy

The winning piece which sealed the deal for this year’s accolade was the Botswana Insurance Holdings Limited (BIHL) Group 2015 Annual Report. The piece earned its victory by virtue of unrivalled wordsmithing and exceptional craft, creating a tactile experience and true conversation with any reader of the report. Continued Mr. Binns, “For us, this is not merely a simple design platform, but a powerful tool for communication which forms a crucial part of the stakeholder communication and sound corporate governance practice. Our focus was on ensuring a solid design that strikes the perfect balance between form and function. To add to the challenge of an annual report is the need for simplicity and clarity while all the time covering a very complex topic. With hundreds of reports done, we believe we have achieved our 10,000 hours and have thus are even closer to a level of mastery in this space that, last night, was reaffirmed.”

Hotwire PRC continues to highlight, through impeccable work, why it remains Botswana’s leading Public Relations Consultancy and continues to dominate the creative design space. “We bring to each piece of work the utmost diligence, passion, and commitment to work of the highest calibre work. That we have such an incredible team and client network with whom we work makes our fervour ever stronger, and it is hard not to deliver exceptional work in those conditions,” concluded Mr. Binns.