HRMC Talent receives international award for leadership development programme


HRMC Talent is committed to playing an integral role in the development and nurturing of Botswana’s human capital, working towards ensuring Batswana successfully contend against the very best in the global market.

This passion for excellence and working with stakeholders towards a globally competitive Botswana, guides HRMC Talent in all that it does. The business has since been recognised for their efforts in international circles at the Leadership Excellence & Development Forum (LEAD) Awards gala, held on 8th February 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee (United States). The platform is designed to recognise effective and sustainable leadership programmes that help people achieve their talent development ambitions.

HRMC Talent Management Managing Director, Joe Pieterse said: “We are absolutely thrilled by such a mark of recognition, one we share with our team and client base – this is much for them as it is for the brand, for the solutions we develop and implement are curated with their needs and trust in us in mind. Investment in talent development of Batswana is paramount if we are to move towards an even more richly resourced working population, and this is very much within reach.”

HRMC Talent, a specialised talent management product, technology and service provider, rose above other international players in a highly contended category. The HRMC Talent Leadership Succession Program implemented for​ Anglo Gold Ashanti Limited, Geita Gold Mine using Piilo Technology, was ranked 9th overall in the category: “Best use of Mobile Technology.” ​This is a true testament to the exceptional leadership development and programmes that use mobile technology for even greater practicality and value.

 Leadership development and succession planning is an important risk management strategy that ensures continuation of effective delivery, regardless of changes in leadership. More about the award winning programmes:

  • Anglo Gold Ashanti Leadership Succession Program – a highly-structured development and succession programme that identifies top talent in the organisation; effectively manages employee succession; ensures that the organisation has the future leadership capacity to deliver on its mandate; and positively impacts the long-term leadership quality and performance of the organisation.
  • Piilo Leadership Succession Program – aims to identify top talent in the organisation and manage employee succession effectively to ensure that the organisation has the future leadership capacity to deliver on its mandate. The purpose of the programme is to ensure that the organisation has identified top talent in the organisation, is aware of the collective succession risk, has people to meet its future needs and that appointments are made which provide development opportunities to key staff. It provides an indication of possible successors to mission critical positions in the short, medium and long term.

“we are privileged to have been offered the opportunity to work with Anglo Gold Ashanti Geita Gold Mine by assisting them with best-of-breed succession instruments, cutting edge talent technology and expert succession advice in the development of future leaders and in managing the succession risk. At HRMC Talent, we are delighted with this international recognition. We are committed to providing our clients in Africa with world-class solutions, taking into consideration and optimising the local context,” Pieterse said.

Both solutions fit into a well-defined development programme. Designed for the utmost efficiency and ease of use, participants can access and update their blended learning leadership programmes using cloud and mobility technology across devices. Line managers and supervisors have 24/7 access to talent intelligence and leadership development progress. This is through use of the integrated cloud based talent management system.

“We have a wealth of talent in Botswana – we just need to nurture it to its full potential. We need to show the global market that indeed we are a collective talent to be reckoned with,” Pieterse added.