FNB Botswana celebrates a year of giving back in eBucks

First National Bank Botswana (FNBB) today celebrated one year anniversary of eBucks Rewards Program and announced that the Bank has paid out P10 million in eBucks to their customers.

“We recognize eBucks Rewards as an integral part of thanking customers for banking with the FNBB. Through the programme, the Bank is able to offer customers additional value for their positive banking behaviour,” said FNB Retail Director, Boitumelo Mogopa.

Since the inception of the program, FNBB customers have spent in excess of P6 million by purchasing pre-paid electricity and airtime. This is confirmation that the Bank is making a meaningful contribution to customers and they are enjoying the benefits of banking with FNBB.

When FNBB launched the eBucks program back in September 2016, we opened more than 200,000 customer accounts and that number has grown by over 12% with more customers registering for the eBucks programme every month. This is a clear indication of how relevant eBucks rewards are to our customers.

In 2011 FNBB introduced a ‘Bricks to Clicks’ strategy, which is aligned to maximizing the benefits of technology whilst giving customers control of their banking. The eBucks rewards program encourages FNBB customers to use electronic banking channels that are convenient and cost effective and moreover earn rewards for doing that.