In an effort to drive and attract investment in the Northern Region of the country, Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC) is pleased to inform stakeholders and the nation at large that BITC is now present to serve the business community in Francistown. The office is currently providing its services through its co-location with CIPA and is scheduled to open its new offices at Tati River Mall soon.

BITC in Francistown is responsible for promoting business development and encouraging investment in the northern part of Botswana. The Francistown Office will service both domestic and foreign investors in Francistown and its surrounding areas and will effectively serve as a One Stop Business Services Centre for Francistown and adjacent regional blocks such as SPEDU, Orapa/Lethakane, Pandamatenga/Kasane to name a few.

BITC is pleased about this milestone as we expect it will contribute towards building and fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship and encourage business development whilst also creating employment through the various targeted investment promotion initiatives.

Through setting up a Regional office in Francistown, BITC will immediately embark on stakeholder engagements with the leadership of the Region, and the active business communities, to consolidate efforts in leading the attraction of investment to the Northern Region and driving the local manufacturing industry to enable export of Botswana made products. BITC aims to also implement an investor after care programme to existing domestic and foreign investors in Northern Region with a view to encourage them to retain, diversify, and expand their businesses by re-investing and creating additional jobs for Batswana.