Stanbic Bank Botswana on the 21st of September showed care and support for Kagiso Senior Secondary School in Ramotswa as part of the Bank’s 30th anniversary series of community initiatives. The initiative was championed by the Kgale Branch team, who donated  100 revision books for Form 4 and 5 students valued at over P20,000, and with the intention to help the learning and preparation journey for year-end examinations.

 Kagiso Senior Secondary School approached the Bank, requesting assistance with purchase of revision books in pursuit of improving the overall BGCSE grades of the school. This was in a quest to enhance academic performance of the school as a whole with long-term positive progress in this regard as the ultimate goal. In 2021, the School obtained 17.86% credit pass with 2 candidates scoring 48 points.The school took position 23 out of 34 schools in the country, affected without a doubt by  noted challenges being faced, majority of which include cultural issues, disengaged parents and drug abuse.

Said Ms. Tsaone Seipato of Stanbic Bank Botswana, “Our culture in Botswana is one premised on community, support and care. When your neighbour asks for support or is in need, you step up. You help as best as you can. This has not changed, and remains a basic principle of how we live and how we work. When the school approached us, therefore, we knew we must get involved.”

Kagiso Senior Secondary School is a Government-aided secondary school located in Ramotswa at Maipei ward. The School has 184 boarding students; 91 of these students have some form of learning disability and are therefore assisted by teacher aids.

“We saw this as an opportunity to drive meaningful change in this community by giving back and working alongside the School management to improve the results in the long-term,” Seipato continued.

Receiving the donation, Kagiso Senior Secondary School Head, Mr. Clyde Sibanda, thanked Stanbic Bank for its generosity and support. “This marks the second  donation by Stanbic Bank, following a donation of staff office chairs valued at P49,968.00 in 2019.This support helps us ensure we can provide quality teaching for our students to help inform greater academic growth. After all, a strong education opens infinite doors for youth.  Anything we can do, with the support of such key partners, to help improve academic performance and experience is therefore crucial.”