High Court lifts restraining order on Kgori Capital P15 million funds  

Kgori Capital wishes to share an update on a matter that had been placed before the courts in relation to a disagreement in management fees charged to the National Petroleum Fund (NPF) by Kgori Capital. A restraining order was placed on our funds to the value of 15 million Pula while the matter was in Court.

We are pleased to announce that Kgori Capital successfully challenged the Court order on Friday, 9th March 2018. The P15 million restraining order on our funds was lifted by the High Court.

We are grateful to have this matter behind us, as we believe it is important to fight for what is right. As a team, we will continue passionately looking after our proudly Botswana business and focus all our efforts on our sole mandate of prudently managing valued client funds. (Kgori Capital)