G4S, the biggest winner for the week

G4S security with a market cap of just P328 million was the biggest winner for the week. The stock has seen some impressive momentum in the late half of the year, and this week alone rose by 6.5% to close at P4.10 a share.

G4S Botswana (Pic By The European Times)
G4S Botswana (Pic By The European Times)

The stock has appreciated by 13.3% since the start of the year and for value traders is among the third best performer this year. Its net dividend yield also stands impressive at 5%. The company continues to lead their industry and have even extended their services to related fields such as facility management and cleaning services which have been fairly profitable.

The British bank by origin, Barclays PLC, which has made Africa home for over a century announced early this year that they intend to exit Africa. Shortly after the British decided to leave the Euro-zone in a shock referendum that threatened to halt global economic growth.

Surprisingly the local listed bank, Barclays Botswana has had an outstanding year. Half year results showed nearly growth of 144%, and this has translated well into capital appreciation. The stock price has grown by 12.2% since the start of the year and in one of 6 companies that have managed double digit growth this year.

BIHL continues in its bullish run, having pocketed 8 thebe to close the week 0.5% higher and year to date gains of 15%. A-Cap resources moved for the second time this year, gaining 2 thebe to close at 35 thebe a share.

Only two stocks were in remission over the week each losing a thebe to close lower than their 52 week highs. Chobe closed the week at P7.56 a share while Turnstar was at P3.25 a share.

The Domestic company index recovered some lost ground over the week as it climbed high by 0.16% to close at 9,763.70. However the index is currently lower on a y-t-d basis, by 7.91%, while the foreign company index has nudged up by 0.07 points to close at 1,596.47. (Motswedi Securities)