GetBucks Botswana extends offer period for P500m note programme

GetBucks Botswana said there has been a change in the closing date of the offer period, which will be extended by 2 weeks. The anticipated timetable that was previously released in the announcement on 23 December 2016 has therefore been changed. The change has been made in order to allow for an extended review period as requested by more than one potential investor.

GetBucks is raising P500m from the market

“The revised closing date of the offer period will therefore be on Friday, 3 February 2017 as opposed to Friday, 20 January 2017,” the company said through the Botswana Stock Exchange.

“The subsequent expected dates for the announcement of results, execution of pricing supplements and listing of notes has therefore also been changed in accordance with the revision above. It is noted that the Programme Memorandum does not refer to a fixed date for the closing of the offer and therefore no revision to that document is required.”

According to GetBucks Botswana, investors who are interested in partaking in the Medium Term Note Programme should obtain and read a copy of the Programme Memorandum dated 23 December 2016.

Under this BWP 500,000,000 Domestic Medium Term Note Programme pursuant to a Programme Memorandum dated 23 December 2016 the Issuer subject to compliance with all relevant laws and regulations may from time to time issue notes.

This Programme Memorandum will apply to the Notes issued under the Programme in an aggregate outstanding amount which will not exceed BWP 500,000,000 unless such amount is increased by the Issuer as described more fully in the section of this Programme Memorandum headed (General Description of the Programme). This Programme Memorandum has been approved by the Botswana Stock Exchange.

The Notes may be listed on the BSE, or on such other or additional financial exchange (s) as may be determined by the Issuer, subject to all applicable laws. Un-listed Notes may also be issued under the Programme.

The applicable terms of any Tranche of otes will be agreed by the Issuer prior to the issue of the Notes and will be set out in the Terms and Conditions incorporated by reference into the Notes, as modified and supplemented by the Applicable Pricing Supplement.

MyBucks S.A, the holding company of the Issuer incorporated in accordance with the laws of Luxembourg and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange has irrevocably and unconditionally guaranteed to the Trustee for and on behalf of the Noteholders, the due and punctual payment by the Issuer of the first Tranche of Notes in an aggregate amount of BWP 200,000,000 owing by the Issuer in respect of the Notes arising under the Programme. This Programme Memorandum has been registered as a Prospectus with the Companies Intellectual Property Authority on or about the 23 December 2016,in terms of section 300 (1) (b) of the Companies Act, Cap 42:01 of the Laws of Botswana.