Kgori Capital launches Unit Trusts

Kgori Capital has marked its first steps towards entering the unit trusts retail market through the launch of the Kgori Capital Enhanced Cash Fund.

The Kgori Capital Enhanced Cash Fund is an investment strategy with almost a 5 year track record and is suitable for investors seeking to earn a higher level of income on their surplus cash, whilst still enjoying the flexibility of a highly liquid investment. It is geared to the most conservative investors, with the primary objective of capital preservation and counter-party diversification. At the same time, it achieves returns in excess of call deposits over time, with the added advantage of protecting capital and providing investors with immediate liquidity.

Unit trusts are global ivestment vehicles (Pic By imoney)

“How we evolve as a business and continue investing to be able to offer more to the market is paramount, we believe. This is why, true to our kori bustard namesake, we are always observing and always on the look-out for opportunities. We are conscious of our role in Botswana, playing a meaningful role in transforming the investment management industry into an environment that allows us to produce excellent investment outcomes for our clients. We believe the Kgori Capital Enhanced Cash Fund is a solution that will truly make a mark and cater for the increasing appetite in the retail space for such platforms,” said Alphonse Ndzinge, Managing Director of Kgori Capital.

The Fund applies a diversified income approach in order to generate a money market portfolio that delivers attractive risk-adjusted returns, while maintaining an emphasis on liquidity, high credit quality and capital stability. Risk diversification, yield enhancement and flexibility are achieved by investing in a wide range of money market instruments. These include, but are not limited to, domestic treasury securities, commercial paper, certificates of deposit, short term corporate debt, and variable and floating rate debt securities.

Amongst the key features of the Kgori Capital Cash Enhanced Cash Fund are:

  • Attractive alternative to call accounts or fixed deposits;
  • Invests only in investment grade counter parties such as top tier commercial banks and large corporates;
  • Transparent fee and performance;
  • Frequent yield notification;
  • Low risk profile;
  • Monthly income distribution;
  • 100% Botswana Fixed Income; and
  • Minimum investment of P10, 000 (lump sum) or additional amounts or debit order of P1, 000

Kgori Capital’s investment approach revolves around the single concept of optimising performance over the medium to long-term without exposing clients to unnecessary risk. Thus, the firm yet again delivers active investment management with a balanced focus on risk and reward. This is underpinned by the premise that fundamentals and valuations converge over time.

“We are very excited to bring this investment solution to the market. Unit trusts are changing the way people save and invest, for they create better value and returns, in many cases, than the average savings account. For us, this is about empowering Batswana further to invest in their future through more diversified investment options. This also allows for a more financially inclusive community, and this is something we are very passionate about, working to include and empower the individual Motswana. This includes those with a low risk appetite, which the Kgori Capital Enhanced Cash Fund caters for. Going forward, we aim to do more in the retail space to bring a lot more people into the consumption of financial services,” added Ndzinge.

As Kgori Capital invests with pride for its clients, it continues to prioritise responsible investing, in line with its integrated Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework.