Afinitas Limited to invest $2.5m in Adventis

Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE) listed Afinitas Limited said it will make an investment in Adventis Limited, an Africa focused Financial Services Business. The investment is valued at $2.5m or P26 million in a company that is proposed to be a Jersey, Channel Islands, incorporated enterprise that will be owned 66.6% directly by Afinitas Limited and 33.4% beneficially by Joseph Rohm. Rohm, a highly experienced African investment manager is Managing Director Designate.

Lesang Magang is a director in Afinitas (Pic By Facebook)
Lesang Magang is a director in Afinitas (Pic By Facebook)

“The Board believes that this century is likely to be Africa’s century as the population of the continent is forecast to grow from around 1bn people now to over 4bn in 2100 representing a forecast 40% of the world’s population in 2100. As a comparison in 1950 only 9% of the world’s population was in Africa,” said Afinitas.

“This “baby boom” will provide a tremendous oneoff demographic dividend for Africa, which when allied to improvements in corporate governance and recent technological advances facilitating global trade and offshoring of service provision, will lead to Africa’s emergence as a significant global player in the world economy,” it added.

Afinitas has been given a mandate to seed and develop new companies focused on investment opportunities in Africa. It currently owns 50% of Africa Events Limited, a Jersey registered company, which holds the rights to the annual AFSIC Conference which has developed into Africa’s leading investment event for financial service companies. Afinitas has also approved the investment of $2.5m into “Ethiopia Investments Limited” a company that is in the process of being incorporated, with a planned listing on the Mauritius Stock Exchange.