Gravitas Investments in bid to acquire Sally Dairy Products

The Competition Authority said it has received a notification for the proposed acquisition of all moveable fixed assets (plant, machinery and equipment, motor vehicles, furniture and fittings and computer equipment) of Sally Dairy Products (Pty) Ltd by Gravitas Investments (Pty) Ltd.

lorato-boakgomo-ntakhwanaGravitas, the acquiring firm, is a company duly incorporated in accordance with the Laws of Botswana, and it has never traded since its inception. No firm directly or indirectly controls Gravitas and in turn, Gravitas does not control any firm. The Director of Gravitas is Lorato Boakgomo-Ntakhwana (Motswana), Zibane Ntakhwana (Motswana), Martin Knollys (South African) and Phil Matibe (Zimbabwean).

Sally Dairy, the owner of the targeted assets, is a company duly incorporated in accordance with the Laws of Botswana. Sally Dairy is involved in the dairy market in Botswana and its business activities include: bottling of still water; and manufacturing and packaging of milk, fruit juices and other dairy products. The Directors of Sally Dairy are I.K. Handa, P. Handa and N. Handa.

According to section 57(3), of the Competition Act, “any person, including a third party not a party to the proposed merger, may voluntarily submit to the inspector or the Authority any document, affidavit, statement or other relevant information in respect of a proposed merger”.