CEDA hosts customer appreciation forum for Gaborone clients

Through the Forum the Agency’s objectives were to, recognise and appreciate customers financed by CEDA, engage with local business owners on their successes and challenges and lastly to continuously build and foster relationships between the SMME’s.

At the forum the Chief Executive Officer of CEDA, Thabo Thamane addressed the clients on the developments the Agency has undergone over the 2016/17 financial year and assured the clients of its commitment to bringing them quality customer service as aligned to the values of being Customer-Centric, Enterprising, Decisive and Accountable. In his address the CEO re-affirmed clients on his commitment to ensuring the Agency delivers on its mandate and its promise to continuously deliver on its objectives.

Thamane informed the audience that the Agency has committed P6.5 million to the Client Advisory department to ensure that clients needs are met in regard to mentoring and capacity development. “The Agency is committed to providing mentoring and training to our customers, but it has proven to be difficult over the years as we struggle to find good mentors locally, the Agency is however working around the clock to rectify this issue”. The CEO went on to mention that the Agency’s profits are from the businesses they have financed and the jobs that have been created from them.

Thamane further said, “The Agency is committed to receiving constant feedback from our customers as it is the only way we will grow. By installing electronic feedback systems we are able to get a true reflection and measurement of how we are servicing our clients”. Another important mechanism the Agency has implemented is mystery shopping which is used to measure all forms of service to our customers. “In improving the way we serve our customers we have engaged several companies to conduct services such as Mystery Shopping, Customer Satisfaction Survey and Customer Service Culture Plan. All these initiatives are there to ensure we provide a better service offering to our customers on a daily basis”.

Along with improving service delivery, Thamane also discussed the outcomes of the business model review which the Agency has been reviewing for some time in conjunction with the CEDA Board. From the review, several recommendations were made to the Agency on improving internal processes and also finding sustainable means of doing business.

Thamane also highlighted the growth of the Agency by including two more branches in the Kgalagadi and Chobe regions. “Inclusive of the two branches, CEDA has procured two Mobile Offices in the form of VW Cafters which will service areas where the proximity of the branches is far from clients. The Mobile Office will be a full- fledged office with the same services and documentation as per our currently established brick and mortar offices”.

Before concluding his address, Thamane urged customers to also take advantage of the recently launched Mabogo-Dinku product which aims to finance micro-enterprises with funding.

CEDA Clients were afforded the opportunity to engage with the CEO through a question and answer session. Thamane fielded the concerns, recommendations and questions the customers posed to the Agency. Through the question and answer session, the CEO and Executive Management were able to gauge and note the concerns of the customers.

On concluding the question and answer session the Chief Operations Officer, Andrew Madeswi thanked the customers for attending and requested that they continue to be open in airing their concerns directly to CEDA. “The Agency has many avenues for you to air your concerns and recommendations and we implore you to continue in giving us feedback as this is the only way we will provide a better service offering”. The Agency has also informed Customers that there will be further Customer Appreciation Forums across the country.