BIC to underwrite Babereki Insurance Brokers short-term Insurance products

Babereki Investments (PTY) LTD, a company owned by Botswana Public Employees Union (BOPEU) has launched  Babereki Insurance Brokers short-term Insurance products which deals with insurance products.

BIC MD Johann Claasen

Executive Chairman of Babereki Investment, Andrew Motsamai said they continue to seek opportunities in various enterprises that they can invest in and provide cheaper services for their members at competitive prices.  

“As Babereki Investments (PTY) LTD, we are of the firm view that workers must actively participate in the economy through worker-owned enterprises such as Babereki Investment and its subsidiaries,” Motsamai said.

“By so doing, our members will be not be exposed to exploitative and exorbitant prices for services in the open market. It is for this precise reason that Babereki Insurance Brokers have tailor-made short-term Insurance products which will be much cheaper and affordable for BOPEU members,” he added.

According to Motsamai, the Babereki Insurance Brokers have introduced short-term Insurance products to compliment the BancABC loans which include the motor vehicle loans, home loans and household items.

He said this short- term insurance services are a response to the outcry from our members who complain that Insurance products and services are unaffordable in the open market.

“In order to cushion our members from exorbitant insurance prices while offering reliable Insurance coverage for them, we have moved swiftly to introduce these short-term Insurance products.”

The short-term insurance products will be underwritten by Botswana Insurance Company (BIC). “We are proud as Babereki Insurance Brokers to be associated with a reputable underwriter in Botswana Insurance Company. As a company, we value our brand and we only engage in business with companies which are reliable and trustworthy as Botswana Insurance Company.”

“I must hasten to add that our short-term Insurance products will result in massive savings for BOPEU members in financial terms because our products are affordable, convenient and reliable,” he added.

In addition, Motsamai said by taking up ‘our Insurance products, our members will benefit from the broadened insurance cover.’ By insuring with Babereki Insurance Brokers and taking up on our short-term products, members will benefit a 24HRS Emergency Roadside Assist and Emergency Hotel Accommodation to mention a few.  

Managing Director of BIC, Johann Claasen said they trust that through this motor scheme, BOPEU members will find it easy and convenient for them to have their insurance policies managed under one roof.

“As service providers we continuously strive to give innovative and tailor-made solutions that are easy to manage and affordable to clients,” Claasen said.