Afena Capital Botswana changes name to Kgori Capital

Afena Capital Botswana, the local investment management firm will be changing its name to Kgori Capital, reflecting its proud origin of Botswana and its position as one of Botswana’s foremost asset management firms. Inspired by Botswana’s national bird, the Kgori, the firm is proud of its African heritage while benchmarking its business and investment on global standards. The new name coincides with the expansion of Afena Capital Botswana’s businesses into other areas of the financial industry.

Mr. Bakang Seretse

The rebrand does not extend to the company logo, which will continue to be a stylised version of the existing Afena Capital one, a symbol of its values of excellence. The new identity will extend to new businesses that Kgori will be introducing to the Botswana market.

For Afena Capital Botswana management, the rebrand is the next step in the growth of the business. Afena has seen its client base grow over 22 institutional clients over the past four years, with corresponding assets under management approaching the P7 billion mark. This growth has been supported by client diversity and the offering of different asset classes.

“The Afena brand has been highly successful in Botswana and received a lot of support. It has done well in representing the firm and its offering to Botswana. However, given the challenges of building a successful investment management firm, in a space dominated by non-indigenous investment managers (majority South African owned firms), we view the new Kgori Capital brand as a source of Botswana’s national pride. We are truly excited about this new name. While many just see a bird, we see what it represents: strategy, community and a fierce insight. We see vision, new investment horizons (uncover hidden value), we see passion for Botswana and Africa at large, we see independence to work for the good of all”, said Afena Capital Botswana management. We covet this belief and seek to live by it on a daily basis.

Teasingly, going forward, “no longer will our staff, especially our sales team spend the first few minutes of meetings apologising for the company name. Afena was thought to be hard to pronounce for many in Botswana”, say Afena management jokingly.

Kgori Capital is a Botswana focused investment manager, providing client driven investment solutions to pension funds, corporates, charities, and private clients. Established in 2012, the firm has been built from a start-up into a growing business managing in excess of P6bn on behalf of third party clients. We have developed from a humble beginning to a position where we proudly serve a growing, sophisticated client base in Botswana.

Kgori Capital Botswana is known to be a manager that is conscious of its role in Botswana and our purpose is to play a meaningful role in transforming the investment management industry in which we operate, in an environment that allows us to produce excellent investment outcomes for our clients. Kgori Capital is an independent owner managed investment firm registered with NBFIRA.