BIHL in search of new CEO as Moorad leaves Botswana Life

The BIHL Group says Bilkiss Moorad, the chief executive officer of its subsidiary Botswana Life Insurance Limited  will be leaving the group to pursue other interests. She has been at the helm of the country largest life insurer since March 2016.

Bilkiss Moorad

Moorad has been a part of the BIHL Group family for 2 years in different roles, contributing to growing this incredible business. “We are grateful for what she brought to the team during her time with us, and wish her well in her continued journey. What remains a point of pride for the BIHL Group is that we continue to see some of Botswana’s most respected and talented leaders borne out of our team, as we work to contribute to growing Botswana’s pool of reputed professionals,” BIHL said in a statement.

According to the listed group, the process of identifying a new CEO for Botswana Life Insurance Limited has begun, and we will keep our valued stakeholders appraised on this matter.

“It is key to remember that this is not something we will rush into, as steering the ship that is Botswana Life Insurance Limited, Botswana’s oldest and leading life insurance provider, is a responsibility we take with the utmost seriousness, as we strive to ensure the best interests of our staff, our business, our clients and our shareholders.”

Catherine Lesetedi, who herself contributed 17 years to Botswana Life Insurance Limited, will oversee Botswana Life Insurance Limited in the interim. This will ensure a smooth transition and business as usual, with little to no disruption felt by our valued clientele, and allow executive management therein to stay focused on strategic growth projects. “Valued stakeholders will be advised upon the appointment of a new CEO at Botswana Life Insurance Limited, a process which remains ongoing.”