Youth urged to look to entrepreneurial vocations

Botswana youth have been urged to look to more entrepreneurial vocations. Speaking at a recent African Youth Entrepreneurs Summit 2019, Kgori Capital managing director, Alphonse Ndzinge said this is one way of addressing youth unemployment.

“As the National Budget and State of the Nation consistently remind us, indeed above and beyond the increasing social dialogue, issues of youth unemployment are worse than ever, in many ways,”  Ndzinge said.

“So serious is that matter that our President has made this a key focus area for solving. Youth are encouraged, therefore, to look to more entrepreneurial vocations.”

In 2017, the estimated youth unemployment rate in Botswana, according to Statistics Botswana, was at 35.6%. That figure has only worsened in more recent years. “Let us then asked ourselves: Is everyone built to run a business? Does everyone have the requisite skills? And if not, how do we get them? How hungry are we to acquire them?”

“Our efforts matter. Our efforts count, for with every entrepreneurial act that contributes towards job creation, we make a small impact in reducing unemployment statistics,” he said. “This is why forums such as today’s are so crucial. They provide structure, guidance, and most of all, community. Youth entrepreneurs share many of the same challenges: access to funding, availability of resources, and even sufficient skilled staffing.”

Kgori Capital, which is Botswana-focused investment manager, opened its doors some 6 years ago. The company provides client-driven local and international investment solutions to pension funds, corporates, charities, and private clients.  The firm has been built from start-up with no clients and no assets into a growing business managing investments on behalf of third party clients.

Kgori currently employs 12 skilled, experienced and passionate people, all of whom are shareholders in our business and all of whom are Batswana; in fact, they are also predominantly women.

“Every business venture begins small. But what is important is that it begins.”

Botswana has amongst the highest stated rates of entrepreneurial intentions with over 60% intending to start a business over the years. This is according to Total Early Stage Entrepreneurial Activity, based on an independent study.