Bank of Botswana to issue second emission of P50 banknote

The Bank of Botswana will, from November 15, 2021, following a stock replenishment exercise, issue into circulation a second emission of the P50 banknote bearing the signatures of the former Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Dr Thapelo Matsheka and Governor, Moses Dinekere Pelaelo. 

The second emission of the P50 banknote has maintained all the features of the circulating banknote, save for the signatures and a thin layer of a post-print varnish intended to prolong the lifespan of the banknote and improve its quality. 

When the banknote is viewed from the front and held upright, the varnish can be visualised as follows: 

(a) glossy number 50 at the bottom left-hand corner and top left of the blind recognition feature (dots); 

(b) glossy number 50 and letter P, in vertical format, on the left-hand side of the watermark and below the Minister’s signature; and 

(c) a glossy geometrical shape at the bottom right hand corner of the banknote.

The new emission of the P50 banknote will be issued into circulation through commercial banks branch networks and facilities and will circulate concurrently with the existing P50 banknote emission.

Public education posters are displayed at various public places, such as at banking halls of commercial banks, dikgotla, police stations and post offices to sensitise the public on the features of the new emission of the P50 banknote. 

The public is advise d to familiarise themselves with the security features of the new emission of the P50 banknote.

For further information, please contact, Dr. Seamogano Mosanako Head of Communications and Information Services at +267 3606083 and 3606382 or visit the Bank website at