BIHL Trust and Bomaid Announces 2023 Fit for Life Campaign Winners

Botswana Insurance Holdings Limited Group through its Trust and Bomaid are excited to announce the successful completion of the Fit for Life 2023 campaign, aimed at promoting holistic health and wellness among Botswana’s population. Launched in September 2023, the campaign targeted individuals between the ages of 21 and 60 living sedentary lifestyles and battling weight management, with a particular focus on combatting non- communicable diseases (NCDs).

The Fit for Life 2023 campaign culminated with a prize-giving session on March 11, 2024, held at the BIHL Group Headquarters in Gaborone to honor the achievements of nine outstanding participants. Each participant won a cash price ranging from P 1,500.00 to P 10,000.00. Atlarelang Koikoi was the overall campaign winner, walking away with P10,000 cash.

The Fit for Life campaign saw overwhelming interest, with over 1,000 applicants initially showing interest. However, after rigorous health screenings, 400 individuals met the criteria and were eligible to participate. Among them, 268 participants successfully completed health screenings and proceeded to engage in various aspects of the programme.

Said Tebogo Keepetsoe BIHL, Group: PR communications & Marketing: “The Fit for Life Campaign embodies the inspirational collaboration between Bomaid and BIHL Group, igniting a beacon of hope for holistic health. Together, we champion healthier choices and embrace physical and mental well-being, inspiring individuals to overcome challenges and thrive against NCDs. Our partnership symbolises the transformative power of unity in promoting lasting wellness for all.”

The BIHL Group through its Trust continues to showcase its commitment to improve the lives of Batswana in many ways through initiatives such as these. This partnership between the Trust and Bomaid is a holistic approach to promote healthy living that encourages the communities we operate in, to fight against NCDs and raise awareness for the people.

“Through comprehensive health screenings and dynamic community engagement, the Fit for Life campaign has empowered participants to embrace holistic health practices. From expert guidance provided by healthcare professionals like Dr. Thato Ntswaneng and Mrs. Canny Johnson to collaborative efforts with Fitness Candy, we have fostered a supportive environment for individuals to make meaningful lifestyle changes. This campaign underscores our commitment to promoting wellness and combatting noncommunicable diseases effectively,” added Bomaid Representative Tsaone Tlalanyane.

Looking ahead, BIHL Trust and Bomaid are exploring avenues to continue the Fit for Life initiative in 2024. This year’s campaign aims to continue fostering a supportive environment where individuals can thrive, conquer noncommunicable diseases and cultivate a culture of lasting wellness.

Concluded BIHL Trust Representative Gofhamodimo Sechele, “The Fit for Life Campaign is a testament to the power of community engagement, driven by the collaborative spirit between Bomaid and BIHL Trust to improve livelihoods. With a shared commitment to holistic health, we continue to encourage communities to embrace healthier lifestyles and priorities both physical and mental well-being.”