Orange Botswana to set the bar on digital experience

Exciting times are expected ahead in the mobile industry. Orange Botswana is set to revolutionise digital and customer experience by introducing to the Botswana market an exclusive development which is also a first in Africa.



This follows the brand’s strong legacy and commitment towards putting customers first by anticipating and identifying what matters most to Batswana consumers. With this new development, Orange is expected to set the bar high in exceeding customer expectations as a trusted loyal partner for the consumer in their everyday life.

Dr. Patrick Benon, CEO of Orange Botswana, said: “Our customers are truly the heart and soul of our business and we as Orange Botswana are dedicated towards ensuring their experience of the Orange brand is phenomenal. Our customers’ hopes, dreams and lifestyles are what continue to inspire our research and development processes, as we aim to drive a greater sense of seamless connectivity across the nation.”

News on this exciting move will be shared on 15th November 2016 and Orange will engage stakeholders to give details on this revolution.

“We are in the business of connecting organisations, families, and individuals, and it is something we are truly passionate about. As we set to launch an exciting new platform, we thank our customers for placing their trust in us and continuing to inspire us to innovate and create,” Dr. Benon said.