Orange Money introduces new internationally accepted Visa card

Orange Botswana is pleased to announce its new and improved Orange Money Visa card. Under the theme “Orange Money – Going Beyond Borders…”; the new Orange Money Visa card comes with a new design, features Chip & PIN functionality and is accepted internationally – convenient for Orange Money users travelling outside Botswana. This development is one that Orange Money subscribers have been eagerly waiting for and will most certainly welcome with open arms. The evolution of the card is in line with Orange’s continued endeavour to promote financial inclusion and bring financial services even closer to Batswana.

Orange Botswana team – Seabelo Pilane, Yvonne Abram and Lame Madiba

Orange introduced the existing Orange Money Visa card in 2013 in partnership with Visa Inc., and until now transactions at Visa authorised ATM’s and point-of-sale “swiping” machines were only possible in Botswana – however customers have been able to purchase and pay online. Through this partnership Orange Money has afforded over 530,000 subscribers an opportunity to participate in financial transactions thereby contributing to Batswana’s everyday well being – especially in the case or customers without bank accounts. At launch, the card was the first of its kind in Botswana and Orange still remains the only mobile network operator that offers a card linked to a mobile money wallet.

The Orange Money Director, Seabelo Pilane, said at a press briefing that this is an opportune time for Orange to introduce this card as the current card has performed very well in the market and continues to do so, competing impressively with cards issued by the local banks. He added that as at June 2016, Orange Money Visa cards accounted for 24% of the debit cards in the Botswana market, and expected this figure to grow with the introduction of their new and enhanced Visa card. Mr. Pilane noted that with the festive season fast approaching, the new Orange Money Visa card offers a unique experience to Batswana who love to travel beyond the borders of Botswana.

“With this new card we believe our customers can travel the world with peace of mind and have ready access to their Orange Money wherever they are. Customers just need to deposit money into their Orange Money wallet and can swipe or make cash withdrawals in their travels outside of Botswana.”

In closing he added that Orange Money customers currently using the existing mag-stripe Orange Money card, can continue to use their cards within Botswana as the card will be still be valid and available at Orange Shops, Choppies Stores, Sefalana and other partners.