Orange to open the second Women’s Digital Centre in Botswana

Orange Foundation has partnered with Project Concern International (PCI) Botswana NGO to open another Women’s Digital Centre in Molepolole. This follows the successful launch of the first Women’s Digital Centre in Ghantsi in Partnership with Humana People to People NGO early this year.

Boga Chilinde-Masebu, Orange Botswana’s Public Relations and Foundation Manager

The Women’s Digital Centre program aims to promote digital inclusion through empowering girls and economically vulnerable women by providing them with training in digital technology, management skills and use of basic software to improve their employability and business management skills.

Under the name “Mme Thari Digital Centre” the program will be implemented through the Ready to Work and Women Empowerment initiatives currently being supported by PCI Botswana. “ReadytoWork” is a Pan-African initiative that seeks to provide young disadvantaged women with the skills that they require securing employment, or starting their own business. The “Women Empowerment” programme is a cost-effective social and economic empowerment program that organizes individuals into savings groups and teaches them how to manage their finances and income generating initiatives.

Orange Botswana’s Public Relations and Foundation Manager, Boga Chilinde-Masebu said; “The digital Centres are designed to offer basic courses based on the specific needs of women supported by digital tools, thereby promoting digital inclusion. The Molepolole Digital Centre will reach out to over a hundred (100) women in Molepolole and surrounding areas by accelerating uptake of learning modules and enhancing technological knowledge of these vulnerable groups participating in this program”.

Chilinde-Masebu said that the program is targeted at women in disadvantaged situations who normally have limited access to educational opportunities and this technology will bring women into contact with the broader world, opening up access to education and vocational training in a very cost effective way.

The Centre will receive computers, tablets, a video projector, printer and USB keys for each woman to save their daily work.