BOCRA removes off-net premium on mobile voice calls

Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA) has notified consumers that beginning 1 June 2018, On-Net calls (Calls within network) and Off-Net calls (Calls from one network to the other) are charged the same rate. This means that within the same network and same package the charge for On-Net and Off-Net calls will be the same.

Removal of Off-Net premium should not be understood to mean there is one calling rate applicable across all the three networks or that Pre-paid and Post-paid calls are charged at the same rate. BTC, Mascom and Orange will continue to maintain different pricing structures in keeping with their business models. However, within the same operator and same package the charge for On-Net and Off-Net will be the same.

“The removal of Off- Net premiums follows the implementation of Regulatory Directive No.1 of 2017 issued by BOCRA mandating operators to remove Off-Net premiums over a period of two years. The first phase was done on 1 June 2017. The second and final phase was done on 1 June 2018.”

Approved maximum prices for the various operators are attached for consumer information. Consumers are advised to obtain prices for their various packages from respective operators.