Masire-Mwamba attends 2016 NDI Leaders Forum

Former Commonwealth Deputy Secretary General and Executive Director of The Masire-Mwamba Office, Mmasekgoa Masire-Mwamba will this week be travelling to Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia to participate in the 2016 National Democratic Institute (NDI)- International Leaders Forum.

Mmasekgoa Masire-Mwamba
Mmasekgoa Masire-Mwamba

The 2016 International Leaders’ Forum will run from 25-28 July and will be hosted by NDI Chairperson and former US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright. The 2016 Democratic National Convention (DNC) will be the first in US political history where a woman, Hillary Clinton is expected to accept the nomination as the party’s presidential candidate.

Every four (4) years, The National Democratic Institute (NDI) hosts The International Leaders Forum in a week-long series of events for international leaders organised around the margins of the DNC. The forum brings together international leaders to experience the DNC and learn more about the United States political system.

Masire-Mwamba’s previous interactions with NDI stem from her tenure as Commonwealth Deputy Secretary General – Political and most recently through the United Kingdom based DitchelyFoundation.Masire-Mwamba will meet with Dr. Keith Jennings – NDI Senior Associate and regional director for Southern and East Africa – and engage with other participants at the DNC.

Masire-Mwamba, a keen advocate for promoting women in politics and leadership,looks forward to the forum and has no doubt that the nomination of the first female US presidential candidate is a significant and positive step in the promotion of women political leaders across the globe.